Izithakazelo zakwa-Gasela

Sdudu somfaba,
Ndlovu ezidla ekhaya ngokweswela umelusi,


  1. Just to add engizaziyo zakwa gasela... Gasela, mvemve, mtungwa, sdudu somfaba, ndlovu ezidla ekhaya ngokwesela umelusi

    1. ooNgolo, Mfetshane, oNomanyengele, oQokro'ndaphukile,

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    3. The other son was Zerah/Zare or Zela or Zorka or Zonga or as we love to say, Dzonga - the name of South Africa - Africa Dzonga or the name of the Tsonga people or the Tswa + Ronga (pronounced Dzonga) people. Also, see the Baroka Sothos.

      The Dzonga (one of his son's is called Dara - which can make Dramin or Dala or Dla "emini" - those who did Zulu first language would know what I am talking about) mixed with the Selas to become one tribe. That is why the Hlelas and other tribes that joined them such as Chamul or Ngcamu-Khambule and the Hlubi or Hurutse, son of Chalubai/Celebe/Qelebe/Calubi/Caleb, son of Hur, son of Heslon or Mzulu that formed the polity from which the current Swazi state comes from. They were called AmaNgelengele because Hlela or Sela's first-born son was Her, in honor of his older and dead brother and with all our language variations, Her can be written as "Here" (Zim to Kenya to Nigeria to South America, you name it, Hele or Hle (or Tle as in Mmutle/Mvundla-Pulana-Fulani) (my name is Siphesihle) or Sele or Zele - where Ntsele comes from. The Dlamini claim to come from Ludvonga- same thing. (I am a Zwane, so it's likely I am part of this mix somehow). The right-hand house of Judah is Zulu or Heslon or Solo or Zolo. That is why you had King Solomon - Mono means prince or king of, so the whole name means King of the Zulus. That's why Southern Africans say Sulumane for Suleiman.

      This is all in the Bible. The key thing is you must find an older Bible as the current ones are written to change the meaning of the sections of the Bible and also taught by "pastors" to diminish the Old Testament. The Old Testament tells black people who we are.

      Without the Twa (or Thethwa or NdeTwa or NdeNdwa) there would be no Zulu nation. The Twa can be found in all countries in Africa, even the ones most believe are not Bantu. It might be called Touareg or some other fancy name but it remains Twa and Judah and the Chosen ones of God.

      These stories are told in Genesis, The books of Kings, the Chronicles - chronicling what is not explained in the other books, Judges, and the whole Torah or Old Testament. But, unless God shows you, you will read but not understand. Ask Him to reveal to you. UNginguYe oNginguYe.

  2. Nazi lokhu: mdunge,nombika,Chiliza,ngubonduna,Nina enashiphela umunga woma, Nina enalala nomunwe endunu navuka nancinda nakhwifa ilanga.


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